KunLun c2800 Modular Automatic Biochemical Analysis System

KunLun c2800 Modular Automatic Biochemical Analysis System

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    Constant speed 2,000 T/H (optical)

    Constant speed 600 T/H (ISE)

    Efficiency per square meter exceeding 1,131 T/H/m²


    Sampling probe detection alarm mechanism
    Automatic sampling calibration (APSC)

    Easy to use

    Dual front reagent disk
    Reagents can be loaded/unloaded online


    Less laboratory consumables
    Low energy consumption

    KunLun c2800 Dual Module


    Overview of the innovative structure

    1. Innovative sample management unit

    3 emergency-specific racks *5 seats/rack (15 in total)
    Single/double sample chambers (215/415 sample positions) are optional

    2. Flexible three tracks

    Emergency priority track ensures immediate arrival in 9 seconds
    Intelligent scheduling of second/third/fourth modules to maximize efficiency

    3. Efficient and accurate sample loading

    Three arms and three probes, constant speed and constant effect
    APSC technology guarantees accurate results

    4. Stable testing system

    Constant temperature water bath heating 37±0.1℃ (fluctuation)
    ≥7,500,000 reaction plate fatigue tests

    5. Smart light source

    It has automatic sleep-wake function
    The light source lamp is front-mounted and can be replaced at your fingertips

    6. Easy-to-use reagent tray

    R1&R2 reagent trays are front-mounted and loaded without stopping
    51-102 reagent positions/tray
    The cleaning solution is independent of the table top and does not occupy the reagent position


    Comprehensive biochemical lab reagent menu

    Rich products

    • More than 100 testing items, including liver function, renal function, electrolyte, glucose metabolism, myocardium, blood lipid and lipoprotein, specific protein, pancreas, lung function, etc., can meet the clinical testing needs of hospitals at all levels.

    Dedicated packaging

    • Bar code reagents with various packaging specifications, including test numbers, are used together with KunLun series modular automatic biochemical analyzer, providing a more economical choice.
    • There is no need to fix the reagent position, and the instrument can identify the relevant information of the reagent by barcode, which is convenient to operate.

    Excellent performance

    • Instruments, reagents, calibrators, controls and standard operating procedures constitute a five-in-one complete detection system to ensure the accuracy of clinical results.
    • It shows outstanding quality in many aspects, such as precision, wide linearity, anti-interference and stability.