KunLun S-LAS 6000
Intelligent Biochemical/Immune Lab Automation System (Standard Version)

Domestic, high efficiency and cost-effective

Completely domestic production

All modules, such as biochemistry, luminous immunity and sample processing system, are independently developed and produced in China

Intelligent and effective

The integrated design of sample pre-processing and post-processing modules has the advantages of fast sample processing and analysis, small footprint and super high -efficiency per square meter.


With flexibility and high cost performance, it provides ideal and applicable lab automation system solutions for medical laboratory of medical institutions at all levels.

Biochemical immune integrated analysis system with pre-processing function such as centrifugation

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Footprint is only about 6m²


KunLun S-LAS 6000

Sample pre-processing module (basic version)

●  Automatically complete the functions of centrifugation, cover opening, automatic serum interpretation and loading of the original test tube rack.
●  The rubber cover of the original sampling tube is removed by rotating in a closed environment, which is directly discarded in the internal container, and the aerosol pollution is automatically filtered by using high efficiency air filter elements.
●  Stand-alone sample processing capacity: 240 tubes/h.
●  Supported sample tube types: diameter 13mm/height 75-100mm.


KunLun c2800

Modular Automatic Biochemical Analysis System

●  2000T/H optical constant speed & ISE 600T/H constant speed
●  Up to 204 reagent positions.

●  Expandable up to 4 modules
●  Cover an area of only 2.3m² with a high efficiency per square meter of 1,131 T/H/m² (including ISE)
●  Save electricity, water and consumables (minimum reaction volume is 80μl)


KunLun i6800

Modular Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

●  Batch detection can reach 600T/H.
●  As fast as 10 min to get the first result
●  40 reagent positions
●  Online automatic loading and unloading of reagents
●  Expandable up to 4 modules
●  Energy consumption reduction > 40%