Accompanied by two years, the future can be expected I Pinnacles' commitment and practice

In September, Pinnacles ushered in its second anniversary and the 2022 annual staff meeting. Friends from all over the country gathered online with expectations for a new starting point and a bright future. A new journey.



Share achievements and meet challenges ▶▶▶

Pinnacles was founded two years ago, and new products are ushering in an explosive period. The Emei series of robots, the Kunlun series of extremely fast biochemical and luminescent instruments are on the market, and the domestic assembly line is about to debut.


Mr. Ding Wei, Chairman and CEO of Pinnacles



"Feng" enjoys moments of shining oneself  ▶▶▶

This meeting invited excellent partners from various departments, and asked them to talk about "What kind of company is Pinnacles Medical in your eyes? How does it feel to work in Pinnacles Medical?" I hope their light will shine brighter and affect more people Man, everyone is calling for them at this moment! 



Relax and take a nap  ▶▶▶

The 73rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China is approaching, which makes us feel a lot. It is not easy to start a business. Everyone is busy every day. In order to thank you for your efforts, the company specially provides you with an "easter egg" holiday. Looking forward to the holidays, we will meet more challenges together!



We have clear and definite goals, strategic and planned advancement, and people with ideals and capabilities work together. Even if there are ups and downs in the process, success can be expected, and the future can be expected! Join us and walk with the Pinnacles!