Helping upgrade the intelligence of laboratory medicine丨Pinnacles Medical participated in the 2022 academic annual meeting of the Medical Laboratory and Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine


In order to further promote the development and integration of laboratory medicine and rehabilitation medicine, and promote the technical development of clinical laboratory diagnostics (laboratory medicine) as an important scientific and evidence-based means in prevention, diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation, etc., the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine Medical Laboratory and Rehabilitation The 2022 Academic Annual Meeting of the Medical Laboratory and Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine and the 2nd Summit Forum on Detection Technology and Clinical Application of Molecular Disease Markers, hosted by the special committee and undertaken by Yueyang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, are planned to be held in 2022 It will be held in Shanghai on September 28-29 .


Due to the epidemic situation and Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control requirements, this meeting adopts an all-online mode. The meeting will invite well-known experts in the field of laboratory medicine and rehabilitation medicine across the country to focus on new clinical testing technologies involved in rehabilitation medicine such as tumor diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, immune diseases, and bone and joint diseases. , new methods, and new applications to carry out academic exchanges, and fully reflect the new research progress and applications of materials science, artificial intelligence, and other multidisciplinary interdisciplinary, integrated, and coordinated development.


Pinnacles Medical , as a leading enterprise of smart testing and an integrator of smart laboratory solutions, will participate in the whole process as a partner of this conference. Pinnacles Medical is willing to communicate with domestic experts, scholars, and physicians to promote China's great rehabilitation medicine. Contribute to business development!


The overall solution of Pinnacles medical smart laboratory is centered on the needs of laboratory process automation, informatization and intelligence, and realizes the ultimate automation of the process from sampling to report, information management integration and clinical auxiliary decision-making intelligence.


Figure: Overall solution of Pinnacles medical smart laboratory


The overall solution of Pinnacles medical smart laboratory includes various combinations of sample pretreatment solutions and automated assembly line solutions before the samples are put on the assembly line.


Figure: Medical testing laboratory testing process


The Pinnacles medical sample pretreatment solution is an automated solution for the collaboration between the automated sample sorting system and the Pinnacles intelligent robot, which solves the efficient and automated process of "sample pretreatment" from sample acceptance, classification, loading, transportation, and sample loading . By replacing manual operations, it saves waiting time, thereby improving laboratory operation efficiency and shortening laboratory TAT.

The Pinnacles medical automation assembly line solution includes loading modules, centrifugation modules, cap removal modules, cap closure modules, and sorting modules in the sample pretreatment stage; identification modules, calibration modules, and quality control modules in the sample inspection and testing stage; and post-sample processing Disinfection module, sorting module, etc. for processing . This step of "smart" construction has further released the operators of inspection and testing.    


About Pinnacles

Pinnacles Medical is committed to becoming a platform-based service enterprise based in China and serving the world with high-quality intelligent detection and accurate diagnostic solutions. It has established R&D and intelligent manufacturing centers in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Zhengzhou and Hunan.

Leveraging on the advantages of the three major economic belts of the Yangtze River Delta, the Greater Bay Area and the Bohai Sea Rim in machinery, electronics, software and other industrial clusters, it integrates high-speed automation, precision optics, non-standard structures, integrated circuits, fluid mechanics and biology, etc. Disciplinary resources, realize the self-developed and self-produced 2000-speed biochemical and 600-speed luminescence laboratory ultra-fast analysis equipment, and both have been certified.

Through the use of laboratory intelligent robots, automatic sorting machines and assembly lines designed around laboratory departments, it helps laboratories achieve full-process automation, coupled with unified information management and auxiliary clinical decision-making application modules, to achieve the ultimate from sampling to reporting Automation helps medical testing laboratories complete intelligent upgrades.