Pinnacles Medical was selected into the list of innovative enterprises in the "White Paper on the Construction of Smart Medical Laboratories", and its smart inspection solutions attracted attention

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The list of innovative enterprises in the "White Paper on the Construction of Smart Medical Laboratories"

Smart inspection solutions attract attention

With the development of biotechnology and the normalization of the new crown epidemic, the market's demand for drug research and development, biological experiments, and inspection and testing has soared, making the intelligence of laboratories in the upper reaches of the industry more and more attention. In recent years, based on technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and big data, laboratories are undergoing intelligent transformation.


Arterial Network Eggshell Research Institute focuses on the intelligent construction of medical laboratories, and released the "White Paper on the Construction of Smart Medical Laboratories" (hereinafter referred to as the "White Paper") on August 29.


Through the understanding of policies and multi-dimensional analysis of industry data, Eggshell Research Institute investigated 4 scientific research institutes, 15 innovative companies, and 3 investment institutions, and interviewed 28 experts, business founders and investors. This report is intended to provide a reference for the industry.


Intelligent construction reduces costs and increases efficiency for laboratories through automation, informatization, and digitization

Intelligent construction has been relatively maturely used in traditional industrial fields, such as food, automobile production and other fields, through the construction of fully automatic assembly lines, partial replacement, and even complete replacement of labor in some fields, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality And reduce the production cost, bring substantial benefit growth to the field.

The white paper survey shows that in recent years, medical laboratories that also have high requirements for efficiency have also realized the role of intelligent construction, such as replacing highly repetitive mechanical manual operations through automated equipment or assembly line construction, and transforming laboratories through information construction. Dataization of information can avoid manual recording errors, and help experiments to operate more efficiently through digital construction. In the field of medicine, various types of laboratories including clinical testing, drug research and development, and biological experiments have also begun to try to make laboratories "smart" from multiple dimensions through the construction of automation, informatization, and digitalization. This type of laboratory, we call it It is a smart medical laboratory.

The intelligent construction of the laboratory is based on key technologies such as the Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, VR/AR, blockchain and GIS, and uses hardware equipment and software systems as application carriers to help medical laboratories Each link in the two major tasks of the experimental part and the non-experimental operation part is more efficient, convenient, safe, and compliant, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


However, at present, the overall penetration rate of the intelligent construction of medical laboratories in my country is less than 20%, and the market of hundreds of billions of dollars is to be developed, and the market prospect is broad.


Pinnacles medical smart testing overall solution helps medical testing laboratories complete smart upgrades

Pinnacles Medical is committed to becoming a platform-based service enterprise based in China and serving the world with high-quality intelligent detection and accurate diagnosis solutions. It has been established for 2 years. Pinnacles Medical has established research and development and intelligent manufacturing in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Zhengzhou. With the help of the advantages of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta in the industrial clusters of machinery, electronics, and software, the center integrates various discipline resources such as high-speed automation, precision optics, non-standard structures, integrated circuits, fluid mechanics, and biology to realize the 2000-speed biochemical And the self-developed and self-produced 600-speed luminescence laboratory ultra-fast analysis equipment, and both have been certified.

Through the use of laboratory intelligent robots, automatic sorting machines and assembly lines designed around laboratory departments, it helps laboratories achieve full-process automation, coupled with unified information management and auxiliary clinical decision-making application modules, to achieve the ultimate from sampling to reporting Automation helps medical testing laboratories complete intelligent upgrades.

At present, in addition to the new crown products, the share of domestic enterprises in my country's IVD market only accounts for 40-45%, and they are mainly concentrated in primary hospitals of the second level and below. Occupy more than half of my country's IVD market. Out of such confidence, Pinnacles Medical has a layout in reagents, instruments, consumables, information systems, etc., through its unique BBC (Build-Buy-Collaborate) development model, while consolidating its own research and development capabilities, through multi-form cooperation Coordinated development with multiple resources in the industry. Pinnacles Medical has reached cooperation with more than ten leading enterprises of cross-border technology.



Pinnacles' mission is to take precise detection as the cornerstone, smart medical care as the goal, and future science as the tool to transform future advanced technologies into today's diagnostic solutions.


About Pinnacles

Shanghai Pinnacles Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a platform-based company that integrates independent research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service, and is positioned to provide high-quality intelligent testing and precise diagnostic solutions to the domestic and foreign in vitro diagnostic markets.

The product is as heavy as a mountain, not limited to the peak. Pinnacles Medical will uphold its original aspirations, move forward all the way, create a new future for China's medical and health care, and climb one peak after another.