Small luminescence, fully automatic, accurate results | KunLun i1200 fully automatic chemiluminescent immunoassay system launched

KunLun i1200

Fully automatic chemiluminescence immunoassay system


KunLun i1200 is another new product of Pinnacles Medical Kunlun Lighting Family. On the basis of continuing the stability of the KunLun i2000 system, it has a more highly integrated design. It covers an area of ​​0.29㎡ and works at a speed of 120 tests/hour. The detection of blood samples is a strong choice for compact laboratories and emergency testing.


Four advantages: small, fast, easy and accurate

Small: 0.29㎡ area

Fast: batch detection 120T/H, first result in 12 minutes

Easy: supports whole blood samples

Standard: 3 quality control levels of hs-cTn


Supporting items

"Special" - ingenious choice, cytokines. Five core advantages: fully automatic, faster, more accurate, more reliable and more flexible.

"Multiple" - Myocardial markers, inflammation, thyroid function, hormones, tumors, infectious diseases, etc.> 100 routine items are under development and will be listed on the market one after another.


Flexible application


luminous family

Pinnacles Medical has assembled excellent R&D technicians in the industry to create the KunLun i series of luminescent products, covering KunLun i6800, KunLun i2000, KunLun i1200, and different types of product configurations from high speed to low speed to meet different clinical demands.




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