Cooperation·Innovation I Pinnacles medical teamed up with Zhonghong Special Inspection to lead the new trend of fully automatic, accurate and fast cytokine detection


The New Trend of Cytokine Detection

Cytokine detection, which has attracted much attention due to the new crown, has not only obtained the evidence of guidelines/consensus such as "Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of New Crown", "Chinese Expert Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Hemophagocytic Syndrome", "Chinese Expert Consensus on Early Prevention and Blocking of Sepsis Emergency" Support, and has broad application prospects in tumors, infections, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Oriented by clinical needs, Pinnacles Medical focuses on the R&D and innovation of new detection technologies and new projects, especially focusing on the research and development of cytokine series antigens and antibodies, which fully reflects the strategic layout of Pinnacles Medical in "characteristics". At the same time, in terms of "scale" strategic layout, Pinnacles Medical is positioned to become a platform company that provides high-quality intelligent inspection and accurate diagnosis solutions to domestic and foreign IVD markets, integrating independent research and development, manufacturing, marketing and services. 

Zhonghong Special Inspection focuses on the R&D and commercial cooperation of special inspection projects, especially the development of biomarkers that have clinical needs and are lacking in China. Combining Pinnacles Medical's advantages in luminescence instrument platform, raw materials and national sales network with Zhonghong's intensive cultivation in reagent research and development, the two parties will jointly promote the high-quality development of cytokine detection technology and meet clinical needs faster and more flexibly.


Ding Wei, CEO of Pinnacles Medical, and Du Jiajie, General Manager of Zhonghong Special Inspection


Pinnacles Medical cooperates with Zhonghong Special Inspection. The fully automatic chemiluminescence cytokine detection solution jointly launched by the two parties has the characteristics of more accurate and "minute-level" quick detection:

  • Accurate: The lower detection limit reaches pg/ml, traceable to international standards, such as NIBSC 89/548, 12/154, etc.; fully automatic detection, system CV<3%

  • Fast: The testing process can be completed in as little as 20 minutes; 24*7 uninterrupted testing is supported, and samples can be tested as soon as they arrive, meeting the continuous monitoring needs of emergency and severe cases

  • Compliance: Class II medical device registration, in line with the definition of new national device classification; both individual testing and flexible combination; reduce unnecessary medical expenses