600-speed luminescence and 2000-speed biochemistry have been certified successively, and Pinnacles Medical has made its debut 丨 Helping the smart inspection program enter a new stage, unstoppable


general trend

Smart testing and precise diagnosis are two major trends in our IVD industry. Starting from clinical needs, Pinnacles Medical integrates traditional diagnosis and cross-border technology to provide an overall solution for smart testing. The inspection robots, assembly lines, and biochemical immune products that Pinnacles Medical is launching are helping the laboratory to improve the accuracy of results, reduce costs, and shorten reporting time.


Riding on the momentum

High-quality, high-throughput analyzers are the pillars for the stability and reliability of hospital inspection data, and are also the core elements for achieving the efficiency of laboratory departments. Pinnacles Medical has taken advantage of the momentum, and the newly registered 600-speed luminometer and the newly launched 2000-speed biochemical analyzer are important cornerstones for supporting smart inspection solutions. Pinnacles Medical is proud to be the first manufacturer to have biochemical and luminescent flux assay modules.


Times make heroes

High-end inspection equipment has long been dominated by imported manufacturers. With the breakthrough of technical barriers and the support of national policies, national enterprises began to rise. The 2000-speed biochemical and 600-speed luminescence modular analytical instruments represent the highest throughput configuration for the laboratory. 

Taking advantage of the advantages of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta in the industrial clusters of machinery, electronics, and software, Pinnacles Medical has integrated various discipline resources such as high-speed automation, precision optics, non-standard structures, integrated circuits, fluid mechanics, and biology to quickly and efficiently realize the 2000 The self-developed and self-produced Sushenghua and 600-speed Luminescence have both been certified, demonstrating the technical strength of a new generation of enterprises.



The KunLun i6800 automatic chemiluminescence instrument has two characteristics of extreme speed and simplicity. It not only achieves an industry-leading extremely fast throughput of 600 tests/hour, but also greatly improves the long-term stability of the instrument through the minimalist design.



  • Detection principle: acridinium ester magnetic particle chemiluminescence
  • Single test speed: 600T/H
  • First result time: 10min
  • Scalability: 4 modules can be connected online, can be connected to the Pinnacles assembly line, and support interconnection and collaborative operation with Pinnacles robots