New products, new starting point | Pinnacles Medical's 2022 Strategic Cooperation Conference was successfully held

On July 18, the 2022 Strategic Cooperation Conference of Pinnacles Medical was successfully held. The conference was held at the Shanghai headquarters of Pinnacles Medical. The Pinnacles medical team and its partners Guangzhou Huaxin, Shenzhen Ipsen, Shenzhen Ruizhijie, Zhonghong Special Inspection, Tianchen Biological Representatives and strategic channel suppliers attended the meeting. The future cooperation plan was actively discussed, and a series of consensuses were reached to go hand in hand.

The theme of this conference is "Kunlun Emei, where talents gather wisdom", focusing on sectors such as industry, strategy, product, channel, empowerment and support.


Strategy and Layout

At the beginning of the meeting, Ding Wei, CEO of Pinnacles Medical, introduced the strategic planning and product layout of Pinnacles Medical. One.

Different from traditional start-ups, Pinnacles Medical's unique Build-Buy-Collaborate model has seen rapid business development, and self-produced products have been launched one after another.

In the future, Pinnacles Medical will continue to focus on building an efficient smart laboratory, providing core products including assembly lines, laboratory-specific robots, and high-speed luminescent and biochemical detection systems.


strategic cooperation

The layout and vision of Pinnacles Medical have attracted the attention of many peers and cross-bank partners. Through strategic cooperation, we strive to create a high-quality and independent industrial ecosystem that is more in line with national conditions.


Pinnacles Medical and Guangzhou Huaxin

Pinnacles Medical and Shenzhen Ipsen

Pinnacles Medical and Shenzhen Ruizhijie

Pinnacles Medical and Zhonghong Special Inspection

Pinnacles Medical and Tianchen Biotech

product layout

At the meeting, the person in charge of each product line of Pinnacles Medical introduced the products of Pinnacles, including the newly registered 2000-speed biochemical and 600-speed luminescence instruments.

Pinnacles Medical integrates and innovates technologies in the three major fields of in vitro diagnostics such as biochemistry, immunity, and molecules, and enabling technologies such as automation/intelligent robots, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence AI, and establishes intelligent inspection, accurate diagnosis, and out-of-hospital diagnosis. The three dimensions jointly build a smart inspection and accurate diagnosis ecosystem.

The next ten years will be a decade of fierce competition and rapid growth in the IVD industry, and it will also be a splendid decade. Domestic substitution will accelerate and enter high-end hospitals. The industry will undergo industrial upgrading in the next ten years. Product innovation and overall solutions for subdivided fields will continue to become industry hotspots. Pinnacles Medical will continue to adhere to independent research and development, win-win cooperation, and run faster to realize the good wish of a healthy China!