KunLun c2800 Modular Automatic Chemistry System Competitive advantage Lab forward

The Smart Choice for Technological Innovation

Pinnacles Medical is committed to providing a fully automatic biochemical analysis system that better meets customer needs. Through continuous technological innovation, a new generation of Kunlun series modular high-speed automatic biochemical analyzer KunLun c2800 came into being, and provides a complete detection system.

KunLun c2800 incorporates more than 20 utility model technologies, which make the system occupy a smaller area and have higher performance. Biochemical detection in various application scenarios, the system results are more accurate, more stable, and more economical.


big energy small body

1. Small footprint

Innovative sample management unit, compact design, smaller space occupation.


2. Draft efficiency

Innovative sample needle layout, independent three arms and three needles, constant speed 2600T/H guarantee (optical 2000T/H & ion 600T/H).


3. Quasi-result

Innovative ‍APSC technology, detection results & stability are further improved

Fully Automatic Accurate Sampling Calibration Technology (APSC), that is, using the optical detection system of the instrument, through instrument testing and intelligent algorithms, to automatically correct and calibrate the sampling accuracy technology, bringing users more accurate sampling accuracy, higher intra-batch / Inter-accuracy, more accurate detection results.


4. Steady state

Fatigue test to ensure effective operation of the system (7 years)

5460 hours Reagent loading arm

5460 hours Sample loading arm

5460 hours Reagent tray

3640 hours Stirring arm

5460 hours Reaction plate

5460 hours · Cleaning device


5. More economical

Jointly build energy-saving and environmental protection medical laboratory

Permanent Quartz Glass Cuvettes

80 μL minimum total reaction volume

Support milliliters/tests packaging

Save laboratory electricity and water consumption


6. System value

Pinnacles biochemical detection system carefully considers every detection link.

7. Free expansion

It can be expanded to KunLun biochemical multi-module online, KunLun biochemical immune all-in-one machine, basic assembly line, and full laboratory assembly line.