Pinnacles Medical won the award|2021 Best New Talent Award for Medical and Health EnterprisePinnacles Medical won the award|2021 Best New Talent Award for Healthcare Enterprise

On May 26, 2022, the "2021 China Medical and Health Industry Investment and Financing Honor List" was officially announced online through the CHC medical media live broadcast platform. Pinnacles Medical won the "2021 Best Emerging Healthcare Enterprise Award".



The "Annual Honor List of Investment and Financing in the Medical and Health Industry" was jointly launched by CHC Medical Consulting and CITIC Securities for four consecutive years. Institutional activity, number of investment projects, excellent cases, return on investment, total capital under management, corporate financing and development, valuation and other multiple latitudes of evaluation criteria, in line with the principle of fairness and justice, selected investment institutions and investors There are 17 awards in four categories: , Enterprise, and Listed Company.



About Pinnacles Medical

In today's new world pattern, China is increasing support and investment in strategic industries, striving to create a high-quality and independent industrial ecosystem that is more in line with national conditions. In vitro diagnostics industry (IVD) is one of the important fields. Large-scale in-depth localization and gradually getting rid of the situation of relying on foreign companies' products are rapidly taking shape, and have given birth to massive market potential to promote the launch of domestic companies' products and create new technological and economic peaks.

Shanghai Pinnacles Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ( came into being under the background of this era. It is a company positioned to provide excellent intelligent testing and accurate diagnostic solutions to the domestic and foreign in vitro diagnostic markets. It integrates independent research and development, manufacturing and marketing. A platform company integrating services and services.
The founder, Ding Wei , once served as the global senior executive vice president of Mérieux, an internationally renowned in vitro diagnostic company, and served as the CEO of Kehua Biotech, the first listed company in China for in vitro diagnostics. With enthusiasm and belief in China's medical and health industry and in vitro diagnostics, he established Pinnacles Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in September 2020, and was awarded by Eli Lilly Asia, ZhenFund, Oriental Fortune and other industries in September 2021. A round of investment by well-known investors, with a cumulative investment of nearly 400 million yuan.

Different from traditional start-ups, Pinnacles Medical's layout and vision have attracted many talents from well-known IVD companies at home and abroad, forming a real elite team with international vision and Chinese efficiency. It is a truly creative and executive A new form of IVD enterprise with strategic vision. Since the establishment of the company, the business has developed rapidly, and the self-produced products have begun to appear on the market one after another. Its unique Build-Buy-Collaborate model has been fully recognized by the industry and investment circles.

The product is as heavy as a mountain, not limited to the peak. Pinnacles Medical will uphold its original aspirations, move forward all the way, create a new future for China's medical and health care, and climb one peak after another.