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With the continuous optimization of the industrial structure in the East District of Changping New Town, Nanshao Town has gathered 78 enterprises above designated size, including advanced intelligent manufacturing, medicine and health, and the activity of enterprises ranks among the top in the region.

In order to further optimize the business environment, improve the social awareness of enterprises and the sense of identity of residents in the jurisdiction, the official WeChat public account of Nanshao Town "Today Nanshao" will launch a series of special reports [Nanshao·Enterprise Tour], so stay tuned.



Enterprise Tour Changping Nanshao

Beijing Huayu Yikang Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd.


Company Introduction

Beijing Huayu Yikang Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Huayu Yikang) was founded in 2002 and is located in the Science and Technology Park of Changping District, Beijing. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of biochemical in vitro diagnostic reagents .

In 2021, it will become a member of Pinnacles Medical, and jointly build a domestic high-quality automatic biochemical detection system.




Huayu Yikang has successively passed GMP, ISO13485, ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has a number of invention patents.


Product Center

Huayu Yikang attaches great importance to product research and development and technological innovation. Now it has 108 registered biochemical product projects. It is one of the enterprises with a richer reagent menu in the field of biochemical detection in China. , Homocysteine ​​and other products with strong market competitiveness.



product quality

Huayu Yikang attaches great importance to product quality management and after-sales service. Every year, it organizes and participates in the inter-laboratory quality evaluation activities of clinical laboratories in various provinces and cities, and cooperates with hospitals to participate in the inter-laboratory quality assessment activities of the National Health Commission Clinical Laboratory Center. All of them have achieved qualified results. . With excellent product quality and good after-sales service team, the products cover all levels of medical institutions in most parts of the country, and have been well received by users. 




Differentiation advantage

Excellent cost performance

The products show extraordinary quality in many aspects such as precision, wide linearity, anti-interference and stability.

All calibrators and quality controls have complete metrology traceability, fully meeting clinical testing requirements.

Rich product line

108 product registration certificates have been obtained, among which urine biochemical items are complete, which can meet more than 95% of the clinical testing needs of provincial tertiary hospitals.

Wide range of applicable models

The products are suitable for different models of various brands such as Beckman Coulter, Roche, Siemens, Abbott, Hitachi, Canon (Toshiba), Sysmex, Mindray, etc., and have self-produced Pinnacles Kunlun series biochemical detection systems.

A good after-sales service

Experienced full-time engineers and resident market engineers are matched to respond to various service needs in the first time


contact us

Tel: 010-8010 7751 (switchboard), 010-8971 6207 (switchboard)


Address: 3rd Floor, Building 2, No. 1, Changxing Road, Science and Technology Park, Changping District, Beijing



Group Introduction

Shanghai Pinnacles Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ( is a platform company that integrates independent research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service, and is positioned to provide high-quality intelligent testing and accurate diagnostic solutions to the domestic and foreign in vitro diagnostic markets.

The founder, Ding Wei, once served as the global senior executive vice president of Mérieux, an internationally renowned in vitro diagnostic company, and served as the CEO of Kehua Biotech, the first listed company in China for in vitro diagnostics. With enthusiasm and belief in China's medical and health industry and in vitro diagnostics, he established Pinnacles Medical Technology Co., Ltd. in September 2020, and was awarded by Eli Lilly Asia, ZhenFund, Oriental Fortune and other industries in September 2021. A round of investment by well-known investors, with a cumulative investment of nearly 400 million yuan.


Huayu Yikang will work with all members of the Pinnacles medical ecosystem and colleagues in the industry to jointly promote the intelligence and integration of China's inspection industry and open a new era of smart inspection!


Company address: 3rd Floor, Building 2, No. 1, Xingchang Road, Science and Technology Park, Nanshao Town, Changping District.


In the future, with a better business environment and better facilities, Nanshao will attract high-end, intelligent, green and integrated enterprises to settle in the East District of the new city, boost the construction of the "four districts", serve the development of the capital, and create a The modern Nanshao with international style, Beijing taste and Changping charm is constantly marching towards a charming new city with complete infrastructure, excellent public services, developed commerce and commerce, and excellent living quality!


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