The "epidemic" will not last for many days, and we will do our best to "recover"

Recently, as the overall situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Shanghai has stabilized and improved, some key enterprises have also begun to resume work and production. As a new company established less than two years ago, Pinnacles Medical has developed rapidly, and its self-produced products have begun to go on the market one after another. In the face of the epidemic, high-intensity research and development tasks and firm beliefs have allowed us to press the "fast-forward button" for resuming work, and to achieve both epidemic prevention and resumption of work.


The government and enterprises work together to fight against the epidemic, and the pace of resumption of work does not stop

With the strong support of relevant government departments, Pinnacles Medical's key production and research front-line personnel are closed to the park. This pioneer team resumes work and production in a "closed mode" to accelerate the development of Pinnacles smart assembly line products!


Dedicated to their jobs, and leading the charge, the Pinnacles vanguard took the lead in resuming work

In order to ensure the speed of research and development and production capacity, the pioneers of Pinnacles Medical Headquarters actively responded to the call and resolutely entered the closed-loop work, sticking to the front line of the company. Don't be afraid of hardships and overcome difficulties! It fully demonstrates the higher professionalism and professional ethics of Pinnacles people. It is such a group of energetic Pinnacles people running along with the new Pinnacles Medical! Build one milestone after another!


Work photo of the pioneers of resumption of work


The material is guaranteed, and the "retreat" has the power

The soldiers and horses have not moved, and the food and grass go first! The guarantee of logistics and living materials has become an important part of "returning to work". The company actively prepares living and epidemic prevention materials to ensure the safety and sufficient quantity of materials, providing a solid logistical support for the pioneers!


The company provided sufficient material support for the vanguard


Strengthen disinfection and clean the environment for resumption of work with "zero dead ends"

Environmental disinfection is an important means of epidemic prevention and control, and it is also an important guarantee for the resumption of work and production. In order to ensure the safety of the pioneers, while conducting nucleic acid or antigen tests on the returnees in accordance with government regulations, the company specially organizes team members to disinfect at fixed points every day according to the prescribed frequency and record them in real time to ensure that no dead ends are left in the killing.


Strictly follow the requirements for resumption of work and production, implement two daily inspections (antigen, nucleic acid), and regularly eliminate and disinfect at designated locations, and record


Focus on prevention and control with one hand, production with the other, and be tough with both hands

At present, although there have been positive changes in the epidemic situation, the situation is still grim. Under such circumstances, we will continue to fight with all our strength to ensure the normal progress of the company's R&D and production while doing a good job in protection. As long as we overcome all difficulties and move forward bravely, the "epidemic" will surely dissipate and the day of reunion will come as scheduled.


About Pinnacles Medical

In today's new world pattern, China is increasing support and investment in strategic industries, striving to create a high-quality and independent industrial ecosystem that is more in line with national conditions. In vitro diagnostics industry (IVD) is one of the important areas. Large-scale in-depth localization and gradually getting rid of the situation of relying on foreign companies' products are rapidly taking shape, and have given birth to massive market potential to promote the launch of domestic companies' products and create new technological and economic peaks.

Shanghai Pinnacles Medical Technology Co., Ltd. ( came into being under the background of this era. It is a company positioned to provide excellent intelligent testing and accurate diagnostic solutions to the domestic and foreign in vitro diagnostic markets. It integrates independent research and development, manufacturing and marketing. A platform company integrating services and services.

The founder Ding Wei once served as the global vice president and president of the Asia Pacific region in the internationally renowned in vitro diagnostic company-BioMérieux, and served as the CEO of Kehua Biotech, the first domestic IVD listed company. With passion and belief, Pinnacles Medical Division was established in September 2020. In September 2021, the company received a round of investment from well-known investors in the industry such as Lilly Asia, ZhenFund, and Oriental Fortune, with a cumulative investment of nearly 400 million yuan.

Different from traditional start-ups, Pinnacles Medical's layout and vision have attracted many talents from well-known IVD companies at home and abroad, forming a real elite team with international vision and Chinese efficiency. It is a truly creative and executive A new form of IVD enterprise with strategic vision. Since the establishment of the company, the business has developed rapidly, and the self-produced products have begun to appear on the market one after another. Its unique Build-Buy-Collaborate model has been fully recognized by the industry and investment circles.

The product is as heavy as a mountain, not limited to the peak. Pinnacles Medical will uphold its original aspirations, move forward all the way, create a new future for China's medical and health care, and climb one peak after another.