Provincial manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of Pinfeng products in the area under its jurisdiction, develop new customers, manage the sales process, and achieve sales performance;

2. Responsible for channel expansion and management within the jurisdiction, implement the company's channel strategy, develop industry integrators and channel distributors, and explore channel innovation models;

3. Recruit, manage and train sales personnel in the jurisdiction to achieve sales performance;

4. Establish a mutual trust and cooperation relationship with partners, help them analyze sales opportunities in the target area, and effectively improve the efficiency of project orders; assist them in establishing an organizational structure that serves Pinfeng companies and products, and promote the improvement of operational management;

5. Pay attention to and study the government's bidding and listing policies and implementation rules in the region, and cooperate with the commercial department to actively do a good job in the market access of products in relevant provinces and cities;

6. Regularly visit the management decision makers and users of target hospitals in the region, develop key customer cooperation relationships, establish and shape the company's good brand image, listen to opinions on use and after-sales service, and establish and deepen professional customer relationships;

7. Actively organize and plan various product training and academic promotion plans, solve relevant problems for clinical users and provide timely and effective support and assistance, effectively improving user satisfaction and brand awareness;

8. Timely collect activity information of important customers and competitors in the region, conduct regular business analysis and reports, and seek more business development opportunities and competitive solutions;

9. Conduct sales forecast and business review, establish and regularly update the key customer system of hospitals in the region to ensure the accuracy of CRM implementation;

10. Complete other tasks arranged by the company's management.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in laboratory or medical related fields;

2. More than 5 years of sales experience in IVD medical equipment and consumables;

3. At least 3 years of channel management experience or key account management experience, working experience in domestic listed companies or foreign companies is preferred;

4. Excellent teamwork spirit, strong communication skills, insight and execution skills, good at handling internal and external interpersonal relationships; excellent communication skills, proficient problem analysis and problem-solving skills;

5. Can adapt to frequent business trips;

6. Age requirement: under 40 years old.


Resume delivery:


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