Hardware engineer / Manager

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the hardware design of the product, and ensure that the finished product meets the functional requirements and quality standards;

2. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of electrical related processes;

3. Complete the document output of product design related work;

4. Assist in completing the assembly and adjustment of products/components, and cooperate with/assist in the completion of third-party testing, certification, etc.


Job requirements

1. Education background:

Obtain a bachelor degree or above in instrumentation, electronics, electrical automation related majors;

2. Professional knowledge and skills:

Familiar with the inspection of safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility, etc., and those with rectification experience are better;

Have a certain firmware writing/testing ability, strong learning and hands-on ability;

Solid basic skills, proficiency in hardware development skills, proficiency in professional software operations such as Altium Designer and Keil;

Familiar with the characteristics of conventional instrument sensors, master conventional signal conditioning circuits, and have certain product-level experience.


Resume delivery: HR@pinnaclesdx.com


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