Project team intern

Job responsibilities 

1. According to the project requirements, design the product parts, select the components, and install and debug the components;

2. Complete the document output of product design related work, and organize the documents related to the project;

3. Accept other work arranged by the superior and be responsible for the work content.



1. Education background:

Obtain a college or bachelor degree in mechanical design and automation, mechanics, fluid machinery, etc.;

2. Professional knowledge and skills:

Have a strong sense of quality management;

Hardworking, down-to-earth, good teamwork ability, strong learning ability;

Proficiency in using Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, Auto CAD, ANSYS Fluent and other software for design and simulation;

Familiar with the application of Office software;

Strong hands-on ability;

2. Work experience:

Those with factory internship experience or those who have done related projects with their mentors are preferred.


Resume delivery:


Apply Immediately