Mechanical intern

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for the mechanical structure design of the product, including the selection of structural related components, etc., and ensure that the finished product meets the functional requirements and quality standards;

2. Responsible for the output of structure-related BOM tables and the preparation of component assembly processes;

3. Complete the document output of product design related work;

4. Assist in completing the installation and commissioning of products/components, etc.;

Accept other work arranged by superiors and be responsible for the content of their work.


1. Education background:

Major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation;

2. Professional knowledge and skills:

Hardworking, down-to-earth, and good teamwork skills;

Love this major, and have a strong interest in work related to mechanical structure design;

Strong learning and hands-on ability;

3. Curriculum:

Proficient in mechanical design principles, proficient in using Solidworks and office software.

Resume delivery:


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