Optical intern

Job responsibilities 

1. Responsible for the demand analysis and scheme design of the product optical system;

2. Participate in the design of optical-related mechanical structures;

3. Cooperate with process engineers to improve the processing and assembly process of optical parts, and provide technical support for the development of tooling and inspection tools;

4. Complete the document output of product design related work;

5. Accept other work arranged by the superior (such as product/component debugging, third-party testing, etc.), and be responsible for the work content.



1. Education background:

Obtained a bachelor's degree or above in optics, optical engineering, or precision instruments;

2. Professional knowledge and skills:

Solid knowledge of optical theory, able to use ZEMAX, OSLO and other optical design software to establish optical models, and able to optimize the design of optical paths and analyze tolerances;

Have a certain mechanical design foundation, and can use professional software such as PRO/E or SOLIDWORKS, CAXA or AUTOCAD;

Familiarity with optical system design of fully automatic analytical instruments is preferred;

Hardworking, down-to-earth, good teamwork ability, strong learning and hands-on ability.


Resume delivery: HR@pinnaclesdx.com


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