Fluid intern

Job responsibilities

1. Assist the system engineer to complete the fluid system design and be responsible for converting the fluid system design into a detailed design;

2. Responsible for component design and component selection according to the detailed design, and test the components according to the detailed design data;

3. Responsible for providing the guidance materials needed to formulate the test plan, and provide technical support for the test engineer's test work;

4. Complete the document output of product design related work;

5. Accept other work arranged by the superior (such as product/component debugging, third-party testing, etc.), and be responsible for the work content.



1. Education background:

Obtain a bachelor's degree or above in mechanical and electronic engineering, precision instruments, mechanics, fluid machinery, thermal energy and power engineering, process equipment and control;

2. Professional knowledge and skills:

Have a strong sense of quality management;

Hardworking, down-to-earth, good teamwork ability, strong learning ability;

Proficiency in using Solidworks, Auto CAD, ANSYS Fluent and other software for design and simulation;

Familiar with version management of design documents; familiar with common reliability identification and acceptance test methods;

Possess fluid system design, experiment and analysis capabilities, experience in complex fluid system design such as micro-flow and multi-phase flow is preferred;

3. Working experience:

Industry-university-research projects who have served as mentors and are the main workers are preferred.

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